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  1. Successful delivery of data projects

    Successful delivery of data projects

    This week we organized a round table with people involved in the management of data projects. Mostly data science.

    The idea came after the Executives at PyData session organized earlier this year. And discussions with few people on the challenges when trying to deliver data …

  2. An update on the pandas documentation

    Some context

    This post is mainly a technical post on what's the status of the pandas documentation. But let me provide a bit of context on where this comes from.

    It's a personal opinion, but I think pandas is one of the clearest examples of how open source is transforming …

  3. New pandas workflow

    Some exciting news. After some years of organizing sprints, and maintaining open source, I've been thinking on a more efficient workflow for projects with high volume of activity, like pandas.

    An exaggerated example would be that I want to create 1,600 issues in pandas. One for each docstring of …

  4. pandas: The two cultures

    By Marc

    Leo Breiman was a distinguished statistician at UC Berkeley, known among other things for his major contributions to CART (decision trees), and ensemble techniques, mainly bootstrap aggregation. Combining both, he was able to define one of the most popular machine learning models even today (18 years after the publication of …

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