Marc Garcia

Consultant, trainer and developer

  • +12 years experience in Python
  • +6 years experience in data engineering and data science
  • pandas core developer
  • NumFOCUS project sustainability award 2019
  • EuroSciPy 2019 co-organizer
  • pandas new contributor award 2018
  • Python Software Foundation Fellow
  • Master degree in artificial intelligence
  • Master degree in finance
  • Fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan

Data engineering

Turning dirty and unstructured data from different source into ready to use data for analytics and data science

Data science

Extract insights and automate intelligent decision making from your business data, and other available sources

Open source development

Get the features you need and increase the performance in the parts that are critical for your business

Featured talks and articles

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PyData NYC, USA, October 2019

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SciPy Latam, Bogotá, Colombia, October 2019

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PyCon X, Florence, Italy, May 2019

Towards pandas 1.0

PyData London, UK, August 2018

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PyData London, UK, April 2018